Big Apple

The Big Apple, Batlow

The Big Apple in Batlow is at the same time one of the most and one of the least accessible Big Things in Australia. On one hand it's nestled in the middle of a rather large apple orchard, which itself is totally fenced off and patrolled by dogs and - presumably - the farmer.

On the other hand, the Big Apple is so amazingly big it rises high above the trees of the orchard - the orchard is on the crest of a hill so the Batlow Big Apple can be seen from quite some distance.

The orchard containing the Big Apple is on the northern outskirts of Batlow - if you really want to get up close to the Apple you can phone the landowner for permission to enter. His number is on the signs hanging on the gates around his property, although you may have trouble getting mobile phone reception from there!

You might have better luck with your phone further into Batlow, and it's worth an explore - there are countless orchards all growing beautiful apples, as Batlow has been a major Australian producer of apples since the 1880's. Many orchards have honesty-box type stalls on their property, and the produce is exceptional.

One we went into was more like a small abandoned greengrocers - except all they sold were apples and apple-based produce, such as juices and chutneys.

Trip Information

440km from Sydney

63km south of Gundagai

Apparently under the observation of CCTV we picked out a number of Fuji apples (at the height of their season according to their apple wall chart) and dutifully weighed them in the scales, worked out our per-kilogram cost and went on our merry way - although not without first buying some fresh apple juice from the refrigerator.

Apples are apples you may think, but these were utterly superb. Nothing quite like apple juice on a blazing hot day as you head north to Gundagai.

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